The Best Birthday Favor EVER

Call me sentimental, call me a romantic, or just call me old and a hoarder (all would be accurate) but in my opinion, nothing beats the giving or receiving of a mix CD. 

When I was little I would sit in front of my sister’s portable (hot pink) boombox, listening as long as I had to until I heard my favorite song play. I would hit the record button as quickly as I could in hopes of catching it on cassette. 

In middle school I spent countless afternoons impatiently waiting for my parent’s dial up to connect to the internet so I could hop on to Napster and burn the latest hits while watching TRL. And nothing, nothing beat a mix CD from a secret admirer tucked into your locker. Britney, Shaggy, Sisqo, and JLO…they all still live in a CD case tucked away in the back of my closet. When I hear those songs, I am immediately transported back to my childhood bedroom, gossiping with my best girlfriends about our crushes, complaining about our mountain of homework, leafing through the latest Delia’s catalog, and eating way too many Starbursts. 

When it came to planning our daughter’s first birthday, the idea of gifting a mix CD came to me instantly. We’ve made a mix CD for the past three years and it has been a HUGE hit. Our friends ask weeks in advance “are y’all going to make another CD this year??” They love it and we love it. Our babies grow so quickly and although you may think you never want to hear another song from Frozen or Moana, when your baby is grown, I promise you would give just about anything to relive those magical moments - you will be transported right back to catching them in the rearview mirror bopping along to Baby Shark for the 5,637th time :) 


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